About Willy Daniels

Willy Daniels

The new dream came together in 2018 when the Father and son decided to make a visit to the best small loft in the world, competing in the Middle Distance races of the Antwerp Union. This loft, owned by Willy Daniels, has the most incredible results in the toughest competition in Antwerp, Belgium and is the best by far.

Willy Daniels and Dean Pallatt holding the Parents to Nadine and Sara the 2 full sisters that won 1at National Ace Greater Middle Distance KBDB Yearling in 2016 & 2017

Willy Daniels races a total of 16 hens which includes yearlings and old birds. Amazingly it is with this very small and elite family that Willy Daniels has been crowned 3x 1st National Ace Greater Middle Distance KBDB Champion with in the last 5!

‘Sara’               1e Nat Ace Greater Middle Distance YL KBDB 2016

‘Nadine’          1e Nat Ace Greater Middle Distance YL KBDB 2017

‘Kaat’               1e National Chateauroux YL. 9.540 b. (526km) 2017 fastest of 16.390

‘Finne ‘            1e Nat Ace Greater Middle Distance YL KBDB 2020

‘Lucka’             2e Nat Ace Greater Middle Distance YL KBDB 2020

=Finne’           1e National La Souterraine YL 15,939 b. (592km) 2020 fastest of 25.408

Over the last two years Dean Jnr has forged a very special bond with Willy Daniels, who together have assisted Pallatt’s in creating the foundation base of their new P.K.E Family and it is due to this special relationship that Dean has managed to obtain an entire round from all the Willy Daniels breeders, which included brothers and sisters of Daniels 2020 race team, and even though he does not sell directly to others, Dean also manged to obtain several incredible full sisters of the famous Nadine and Sara. Plus in 2020 Willy Daniels also made some very exclusive pairings especially for Dean, which included (‘Finne’ 1st  National Ace GMD KBDB 2020 x Father of Nadine & Sara), also (Father Nadine & Sara x Daughter Nadine). Dean also managed to purchase a very special 2016 son of Sara 1e National Ace KBDB 2016 and a top proven breeding full brother of Nadine and Sara named ‘Dene’.

‘Dene’ is a super breeder, within only 2 seasons he is the father of

At Combine

  1. Sennon Cove – 1,774 birds
  2. Exeter – 2,960 birds
  3. Turso – 2,157 birds
  4. Yelverton – 2,194 birds
  5. Lyndhurst – 3,403 birds
  6. Poole – 1,103 birds

      20 ——————————- 5,300  birds

  1. Yelverton – 2,166 birds
  2. Yelverton – 2,166 birds
  3. Littlehampton – 2,579 birds

– At club level circa 250+ birds
      1. Club Poole

  1. Truro
  2. Sennon Cove
  3. Yelverton
  4. East Prawle
  5. Yelverton
  6. Exeter
  7. Club Lyndhurst
  8. East Prawle

Picture of ‘Dene’ Top Breeding Full Brother to Nadine and Sara Both won 1st Nat Ace GMD KBDB