About Jelle Jellema

Jelle Jellema has proven to be one of the most successful and Certainly The most Sought after Extreme long distance ( Marathon ) family of Racing pigeons in the world today.
It is impossible to purchase pigeons direct from Jelle Jellema loft. but in Keeping with the Pallatt family’s tradition, with no expense spared we have purchased only the very best direct Jelle Jellema pigeons bred by the master himself at his lofts in Holland, All with a DNA Certificate.
Direct Children of OLYMPIC ROMEE 1st Olympiad winner marathon Budapest 2015, 1st International marathon racer Europa Cup 2013, KLEINE JADE 1st International Barcelona, JILL 2nd International Perpignan, ROMAN super breeder, RENA 1st Ace Pigeon, CHAMPION SUPER BREEDER MG 430, DIRKE Top racer & sire to kleine jade, ORION Famous Breeder, ZWART GOUD foundation sire, OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE 1st Olympiad winner Nitra 2013 and mother of Top Jellema super breeder MG 430, SILVIE 3rd International Barcelona, KLEINE KWEEKSERTJE DAM OF SILVIE, SILVIA, SILKE, SOPHIE foundation breeder & 3rd National, SILKE 2nd International Narbonne, DAFINE 3rd National Perignan etc This collection put together represent the most impressive and complete selection of Jelle Jellema pigeons in the world today outside Jelle’s own lofts:
The Jellema pigeons not only win for Jelle right up to the pinacle of 1st Barcelona International with Kleine Jade , & 1st Olympiad Marathon Winner with Olympic Romee, but also are responsible for breeding outstanding winners pure and crossed for other fanciers right up to 1st national level in there respective countries.

A solid breeding loft based around champions from Barcelona.
Most of Jelle’s best results can traditionally be attributed to his Barcelona stars. This approach clearly pays off, as he has continued to excel in the Spanish classic season after season. Here is an overview of his earliest arrivals at the national level over the past five years:
2014 : 1st & 3rd Nat. of 5,423 pigeons
2015 : 358th Nat. of 5,183 pigeons (just 1 pigeon in the race)
2016 : 3rd & 10th Nat. of 5,244 pigeons
2017 : 2nd Nat. of 4,504 pigeons
2018 : 8th. Nat. of 3,912 pigeons

1st. Olympiad winner marathon Budapest 2015
1st. Int. marathon racer Europa Cup 2013
1st. Nat. acebird marathon BOTB 2013
1st. acebird NU great long distance 2013
3rd. Nat. Bergerac – 10,237 birds 2013
3rd. Nat. Orange – 4,302 birds 2013
3rd. NPO St. Vincent – 1,365 birds 2013
3rd. NPO Brive – 2,444 birds 2014

Olympic Romee won no less than 5 teletext prizes in her successful career as a racing bird. She was 1st National ACE Pigeon TBOTB in the marathon discipline in 2013, and she won gold in the marathon category at the Budapest Olympiad in 2015.

Romee is a granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Saffier (a daughter of Zwart Goud). Saffier won in turn a 1st NPO Ruffec in 2013, and she was the fastest in sector 4 against 3285 p. Romee is now proving to be a prolific breeder with children and G children winning many top 10 national and international positions:
3 Sons and 4 Daughters of the world famous Olympic Romee are breeding in our stock lofts.

History of the Jellema Marathon Pigeons

Ultsje Jellema, started to compose a very strong long distance pigeon breed that has been able to win top prizes throughout the past decades, both in his own loft and in the loft of his son Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL). The Jellema pigeon breed has had an excellent reputation in the long distance competition in The Netherlands for years. Both Ultsje (Steggerda, NL) and his son Jelle (Nijverdal, NL) have managed to excel in the extreme long distance for many years. They started racing in the program races in the early 1960s before they started breeding, racing, and selecting pigeons for the one day long distance competition in 1985. This led to the creation of the typical Jellema racing pigeon, which is another version of the modern day long distance pigeon. One of the characteristics of this type of pigeon is that they are small in size, while being capable of maintaining a high speed for a prolonged period of time. It is thanks to the breeding strategy of Jelle and Ultsje that these pigeons can fly really hard. The pigeon breeds of both father and son Jellema are based on the bloodline of stock sire Zwart Goud and pigeons from the line of Beerda: the introduction of Zwarte Goud has enabled this breed to cover longer distances, while the introduction of the Beerda bloodline (notably Fondkoppel and the 02) has given it the ability to take the lead in the most important races and to fly overnight. The so called Fondkoppel of Beerda consists of Bergerac doffer NL97-2229689 x Blauwe Dame NL99-5974843.

Zwart Goud, the 02 and Fondkoppel provide the basis for almost every Jellema pigeon. The 02 was paired to Zwarte Goud for a few years. This pair has bred only 12 youngsters together, but each of them proved a world class pigeon. The pigeons that originate from Fondkoppel in combination with the bloodline of Zwarte Goud x 02 proved to have great determination; they fly until they drop. The most important youngsters of Zwart Goud x 02 include Orion, Saffier, Jade, and Kiara. Saffier has been particularly important in the further development of this breed: her genes have been passed down to as much pigeons as possible via her son Hellas.

The most important youngsters of Fondkoppel are Dirke, Hilton, Mirna, and Ninte. Another important pair in this breed was Oiron x Mirna: Orion stems from Zwart Goud x 02; Mirna was bred from Fondkoppel. This combination of Orion x Mirna has bred several great racing birds, including Nirvana, Sophie, Witstaart, Iceman, the 603, and the 894.

Orion, Saffier, Jade, and Kiara have quickly become the foundation base of all jellema champions, either bred direct from them or passed on for many generations..
– Kleine Jade 1 Int National Barcelona 2014 = Dirke x Jade
– Olympic Romee: 1 Olympiad Marathon 2015 = Inbred Grand child of Saffier
– Silvie: 3 Int National Barcelona 2014 = daughter of Klein Kweekstertje
– Saar: 2 National Barcelona 2017 = grand daughter of Kelvin keekler =
– Silvia: 1. acebird LD Fondunie 2000’ in 2015 daughter of Klein Kweekstertje
– Miss New Laureaat, 1st Nat A gen 2018 (911km) bred from a son of Orion x Silvie

The search for new blood to add to the Jellema pigeons did not stop there, The next important addition for Jelle was introducing new Blood from the very successful Arjan Beens marathon Pigeons,
Jelle decided to add 3 grandchildren of Beens base-pair (‘Mr Bergerac x Rika). This super breeding pair was quoted by Jelle as “One of the best Marathon breeding pairs for Arjen Beens, If not the best marathon breeding pair ever!”. ‘Rika’ was bred from 2 Jellema pigeons).

This super pair was the foundation Base for Arjen Beens until his entire clearance sale serval years ago which mostly went to Asia. This super pair bred multiple winners and breeders such as….

‘Olympic Miss Gijsje’ 1. Olympiad bird marathon Nitra 2013
‘Rood Meisje’ 5 NPO Albi 2012 – 2471 birds, 14 Nat Albi 2012 – 5949 birds
‘Marianne‘ 3 NPO Cahors 2012 – 4117 birds, 9 Nat Cahors 2012 – 10178 birds
‘Snelle Jelle’ Half Brother bred from
‘Rika’ 2. Nat. Perpignan 5608 birds – 6. I.prov. NU Orange 4023 birds – 23. NPO Orange 2058 birds

Jelle Jellema added to his breeding loft 2 sons of Olympic Miss Gijsje (MG 430 & MG 898) and a daughter of Snelle Jelle x miss Sajan. When bred to the Jellema base breeders it became electric, the Son Olympic Miss Gijsje 430 quickly became the No1. Breeder for Jelle Jellema loft “unfortunately with massive sadness 430 escaped from the Jellema breeding loft in 2018” leaving a legacy behind…

– Evi – MG 430 x Sophie = 9. Nat. Perpignan 2016 – 10. Nat. Barcelona 2016 – 27. Nat. Perpignan 2015
– Rena – G dtr 430 bred from Evi =1. acebird LD Union ‘Fondunie 2000’ in 2016, 8 Nat Barcelona 18
– Silvia – MG 430 x Klein Kweekstertje =1. acebird LD Fondunie 2000’ in 2015 – 1. acebird LD ‘Fiante’ 15
– Joyce = MG 430 x Kleine Jade = 8. Nat. A gen YL 2018

PALLATTS own a full brother to Olympic Miss Gijsje and a full brother to Son Miss Gijsje 430 and children of MG 430, MG 898, Rena in our breeding lofts