Daughter Zwart Goud

Daughter Zwart Goud


Daughter ‘Zwart Goud’ full sister to ‘Bont’ Goud mother to ‘Jill’

Farther ‘Zwart Goud’ is the legend base breeder Jellema
Generations offspring grabbed National victories

Mother is from ‘Snelle Jelle’ x ‘Miss Sjaan’ from Arjan Beens, offspring won in 2017
1.-2. International & 1.-2. Nat./NPO

– ‘Snelle Jelle’; 2. Nat. Perpignan 5,608 birds
– ‘Miss Sjaan’; 4x top 80 I.prov. Orange

Bred By Jelle Jellema
Owned By Pallatts
DNA Certificate http://staging.pallattspigeons.com/test/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/dtr-zwart-goud-DNA.jpg


Gender Hen
Eye Colour yellow
Pigeon Colour checkered
Disciplines Long distance, Extreme long distance