H/Brother Blue Benno

H/Brother Blue Benno


Daughter top breeder Moos

Moos was coupled with a daughter of KleinKweekstertje x NewJade 1

Sire is  2005- 2026286 Moos

Top breeder,

Father of oa BlauweBenno*

Children won oa:

3e NPO Bergerac ’14

10e NPO Limoges

31e NPO Cahors ’10

38e NPO Orange ’15

53e NPO Brive ’11

63e NPO Montpel.’11

93eNat Marseille’13

103eNat Perpignan’12

Moos grandfather 8e NPO Brive etc.

Grandsire: 2004-1480431

Granddam: Limoosje

From the super couple 1336 x Morsie

Limoosje won oa:

1 MdeMarsan VNCC

2 Limoges VNCC

4 Limoges VNCC

Sister of Zilverstar with 1e and 9e VNCC

– Half Brother to Blue Benno




14e Nat.Bordeaux

70e Nat.Orange

477e Nat Limoges

Mother of o.a.

3e Int. Barcelona

48e Nat Marseille

61e Nat Orange

She comes from Jaguar with Meike


New jade 1 comes from 2 x 1st int Barcelona

Father of:

3e Nat.Perpignan ’16

85e Nat. Pau ’17


215e Nat Narbonne’16


Owned By Pallatts


Gender Cock
Eye Colour yellow
Pigeon Colour Blue
Disciplines Long distance, Extreme long distance