Son Rika ‘718’

Son Rika ‘718’


Son of Legend ‘Rika’

Was orginal stock breeder for Jelle Jellema, many decendants are in todays Jellema pigeons. such as Gand Farther of ‘Saar’ 2 National Barcelona 2017 amd 4 Int national Barcelona 2017


‘Rika’ orginal jelema was Arjen Beens base breeder producing many legend champions and breeders, such as ‘Olympic Miss Gijise’, Marianne, Rood mejestic, Goden future, snelle Jelle etc


Son “Rika” also come o.a.

08-874 “Miss Gijsje”.

7th nat. Cahors 2010 11054 d.

3rd NPO Brive 2010 5319 d.


And the cock “08-752”.

6th Now Orange 2010 4022 p.


Father: NL09-1455298. Doffer. Scratch. “Jesse Jr”.



1st nat. Poitiers.


Father “Jesse” flew:

1st nat. Poitiers 2007 4934 p.


We meet 6x teletext on grandpa and grandma.


Grandfather: NL06-1577062. Doffer. Light scratch. “Jesse”. Jelle Jellema.


He flew:

1st nat. Poitiers 2007 4934 p.

150th NPO Limoges 2007 3264 p.

248th NPO Periqueux 2007 1800 d.


He comes from: NL03-1708641. Doffer. Scratch. “Hellas”. Jelle Jellema.

4th nat. Limoges 5685 p.

X NL01-1110467. Hen. Blauwband. “Dide”. Jelle Jellema.


Grandmother: NL08-1965000. Hen. Scratch white pen. “Speckled 5000”. A Dijkstra.


Mother “Speckle”.

Flew o.a.

6th NPO Chantilly 13247 p.

9th NPO Blois 5241 p.


She comes from: NL07-4286220. Doffer. Light scratch. “Usain Bolt”. Arie Dijkstra.

1st Frankfurt.

X NL07-4286193. Hen. Blue White. “Speckle”. Arie Dijkstra.

6th NPO Chantilly 13247 p.


Mother: NL04-1418619. Hen. Blauwband. “Rika”. Arjan Beens.


1st NPO Periqueux 2007 Gou 8 – 7581 p.

67th nat. Limoges 2008 13239 d.

80th NPO Brive 2007 6857 p.

95th NPO Periqueux 2006 6303 p.

7th WHZB pigeon champion category overnight long distance.


Self mother of 08-874 “Miss Gijsje”.

7th nat. Cahors 2010 11054 d.

1st Periqueux 2798 p.

67th Limoges 13239 p.

26th Periqueux 2689 p.

45th Brive 2741 p.

148th Bergerac 2679 p.


Grandfather: NL02-2235019. Doffer. Scratch. “Power 019”. J Jellema.


Father of “Rika” she flew in 2007:

1st NPO Periqueux 7581 p.

Yellow – red eye.


He comes from: NL97-2229685. Doffer. Blue. “De Ploert”. J Jellema.

152nd nat. Brive 1998.

200th nat. St Vincent 2002.

X NL99-5974842. Hen. Scratch. “The Pot”. Jelle Jellema.

12th nat. St Vincent 2004.

38th nat. Ruffec 2000.


Grandmother: NL02-2234813. Hen. Blauwband. “Leontien”. J Jellema.


Mother of “Rika” she flew in 2007:

1st NPO Periqueux 7581 p.


She comes from: NL93-1745165. Doffer. “The professor”.

12th nat. Ruffec 1997.

Father of “Limo”.

5th NPO Brive 1999.

X NL00-1186558. Hen. Scratch. “Lois”. J Jellema.



Bred By Arjem Beens
Owned By Pallatts


Gender Cock
Eye Colour white
Pigeon Colour checkered
Disciplines Extreme long distance