Son Zwart Goud 715

Son Zwart Goud 715


Inbred Son ‘Zwart Goud’ Foundation Breeder of Jellema, Farther to Saffier, Orion, Kiara, Jade etc

Grand and Great grand farther to Kleine Jade 1 Int Barcelona 14, Silvie 3 Int Barcelona 14, Olympic Romee 1 marathon Olympiad 15, Saar 4 Int Barcelona 17, etc


Mother: ‘Paula’ a daughter of Zwart Goud x De O2 paired to ‘Henk’ a direct son of the fondkoppel

Bred By Jelle Jellema
Owned By Pallatts


Gender Cock
Eye Colour yellow
Pigeon Colour checkered
Disciplines Long distance, Extreme long distance