“Miss Saffier” 2. International Pau 2019, againist 12119p

“Pallatts have purchased “Miss Saffier” the super Jellema race hen winning 2. International Pau 2019 againist 12119 pigeons landing at 05:37am in the morning. Pallatts already owned 2 of the grand and G.grand parents to “Miss Saffier” which we purchased in 2018 ” Son Saffier” and “Son Zwart Goud 716” both breed by Jellema from […]

Jelle Jellema

Últsje Jellema started keeping racing pigeons in the 60s. When son Jelle was barely able to walk, he could often be found in the lofts with his father.  The spacious yard on the Pepergaweg in Steggerda, adjacent to the Lindevallei nature reserve, is an ideal place for a pigeon enthusiast. Nowadays there is almost a nuisance from […]