Son Orion x Daughter Zwart Goud

Son Orion


Daughter Zwart Goud


Farther ‘Orion’ Top Racer & Breeder – Son of ‘Zwart Goud’

Farther 'Orion' Top Racer and Breeder Son of Zwart Goud Farther 'Orion' Winner of: 6e Nat. Bergerac '04, 4588 birds 7e Nat. St. Vincent '06, 1373 birds 48e Nat. Ruffec '02, 5132 birds 51e Nat. Ruffec '06, 3570 birds 79e Nat. Ruffec '05, 4133 birds 129e NPO Ruffec '03, 1936 birds Brother of: 6e Nat. st. Vincent '08, 1348 birds 11e Nat. Bergerac '08, 3426 birds 12e NPO Perigeuex '06, 1608 birds 14e Nat. Ruffec '06, 3570 birds 24e Nat. Bergerac '06, 3432 birds 44e Nat. Bergerac '05, 3680 birds 47e Nat. Bordeaux '08, 1914 birds 59e Nat. St. Vincent '07, 1313 birds

Daughter ‘Zwart Goud’ full sister to ‘Bont’ Goud mother to ‘Jill’

Daughter 'Zwart Goud' full sister to 'Bont' Goud mother to 'Jill' Farther 'Zwart Goud' is the legend base breeder Jellema Generations offspring grabbed National victories Mother is from 'Snelle Jelle' x 'Miss Sjaan' from Arjan Beens, offspring won in 2017 1.-2. International & 1.-2. Nat./NPO - 'Snelle Jelle'; 2. Nat. Perpignan 5,608 birds - 'Miss Sjaan'; 4x top 80 I.prov. Orange